Submitting blog posts to ThisCoolBlog is very straightforward.


What is ThisCool Blog?

This Cool Blog is a blogging platform and community of bloggers created for entrepreneurs who want to help other entrepreneurs build great businesses and stay fit and healthy at the same time. With a growing audience of business owners and entrepreneurs and  offers it’s members the opportunity  to reach their target audience by publishing their content on the Blog which is shared regularly Twitter.

We understand that building an audience takes time but This Cool Blog allows entrepreneurs to reach their target audience instantly with their content and offers them the opportunity to build their own audience too by driving traffic to their blog

So This Cool blog not only helps entrepreneurs by offering great content but also helps it’s members get their content seen and also to build their own audience by driving traffic to their blog.

What sort of Businesses can publish their blog posts on is all about entrepreneurship  which involves designing, launching, and running a business whether a product or service . We welcome anyone who blogs about Start Ups, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Design, Training, Coaching and anything that our readers will find helpful in running their business.

Entrepreneurship also requires a great deal of hard work so it’s really important to stay fit and healthy which is why we also welcomes entrepreneurs who blog about Health and wellness and Self Improvement.

Do I need my own Blog?

You do not have to have your own blog, but the main purpose of ThisCoolBlog is to be able to drive traffic to your blog so it is definitely an advantage to have your own blog.

How do I get started?

Simply Click Sign Up on the top right and  and then add your Username ( The name you want to be know as ) and then your email, your first and last name and your password for future access.

You can now add a profile photo of yourself and we highly recommend a head shot rather than a logo. You then need to add your bio and links to all the social media profiles that you are active on.

You are now ready to add details about your Blog, including the Blog Name, URL, Description ( 300 words) ,a cover photo (for best results, upload an image that is 1140px x 515px or it will be stretched to fit) a link to your Facebook page so your feed can be displayed and also a link to a video or intro video if you like. You are now ready to start blogging.

How often can I upload a Blog Post?


How do I add a Blog Post?


How do I edit a Blog Post?